When will Chapter 4, Season 2 of Fortnite come to an end?

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When will Chapter 4, Season 2 of Fortnite come to an end?

Fortnite launched its second season of chapter four just last week. it brought in new weapons, new characters, new vehicles, new Battle Pass outfits, and just about new everything. So obviously we’re already looking toward season three. We joke, but only slightly.

Fortnite is an ever-evolving game, and it’s not something that ever gets stagnant or boring. Sure, some seasons are better than others, but mostly the game does a good job of keeping things fresh. It’s the awareness that the things we’re getting used to, and even enjoy will eventually leave the game which makes the game special.

You may never get another chance to experience some things in later seasons that you did in earlier seasons. I started playing the game at the end of Chapter 2, and I still await the return of the mechs. They may never come back, but I’m glad I got to have fun with them when I did.

Same thing for the Shockwave Hammer in season one of chapter four. It’s an item that likely won’t ever return but I got to have a lot of fun with it. So we urge fans to really embrace season two while they can.

So when should fans expect things to change?

When does Chapter 4, Season 3 begin?

Eagle-eyed fans of the game will know that the end of season two is a bit off. According to the Battle Pass screen in-game, you have until June 2, 2023, to unlock all of the Battle Pass outfits and goodies.

June 2, at 2 AM ET is when season two for chapter four officially ends. After that, the game will have downtime that will allow the developers to upload the season three meta. Meaning the game will likely be back up and running around seven or eight in the morning. So about six hours later at most.

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