What vehicles were vaulted for Fortnite’s new season?

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Fortnite changed a lot of the meta for Chapter 4, Season 2, including what vehicles you can ride.

Fortnite has really revamped the entire setup of the game with the introduction of Chapter 4, Season 2. Weapons, items, and even major changes to the map have all taken place, but that’s not all. Nope, Fortnite also restructured what kind of vehicles you can have access to in the game. This is in part due to the two new vehicles that were added to fit the new Neo Tokyo theme. The new season, entitled MEGA, sure seems to be trying to make mega changes.

Did they all work? Time will tell, but among the changes to the game came the vaulting of several vehicles, vehicle items, and other traversal possibilities. So what got vaulted?

  • Trail Thrasher (dirt bike)
  • Motorboat
  • Shockwave Hammer
  • Wolf
  • Boar
  • Off-Road Chonkers (modifier)
  • Cow Catchers (modifier)

What vehicle will we miss the most in Fortnite’s newest season?

It’d be too easy to just say the Shockwave Hammer again, so we’re not going to. Instead, we’re going to say two things specifically; the Off-Road Chonkers and the Motorboat. While neither are great, they’re both super important.

Since the change from Chapter 3 to Chapter 4, vehicles don’t drive as well off-road anymore without the Chonkers, so having two new vehicles that are designed for streets and road use, on a map that doesn’t have a lot of either, really isn’t the best idea. If you could throw some Chonkers on the new drifting car that the game introduced, sure, but without the tires, you’re limited to where you can go in the new vehicles. At least limited in where you can go usefully.

The motorboat on the other hand really works well when you’re near a river or lake and you’re trying to escape being shot at. Swimming just isn’t fast enough, and the boat was always a huge saving grace for players trying to not be eliminated.

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