What is the best way to get yourself into the new Most Wanted Vaults?

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Fortnite’s new Most Wanted vaults are not an easy thing to get into, so what is the best way to get past the door?

The Most Wanted Vaults are the Vaults from Chapter 3 but better. They contain oodles of gold, at least two Mythics (three counting the one the Vault boss drops), several big chests, and lots of healing items. Plus a terminal to call a portal to get away from opposing players or the encroaching storm.

You’d be correct in thinking, however, that these vaults aren’t easy to get into, and they’re not. While the Vault Bosses are far from impossible, the fact is you could be dealing with a handful of guards as well. The Cold Blooded gang is not easy, mostly because they roll up five or six deep and they’re relentless. They will chase you down and they will light you up.

Considering these are hot spots for players to land, we have some gameplay tips to help you get the most out of these encounters.

The best way to crack the Most Wanted Vaults in Fortnite

Ok, so you’re a madman and want to drop in right where the action is. Bad idea, but we’ll still give you advice. Firstly, avoid other players. Let them fight one another and reduce the numbers. Pick off anyone you can while not putting yourself directly in the action. While you’re at it, pick off the Cold Blooded gang one at a time. Draw them out and handle them at a distance. They will gang up on you if you get too close and throw in the players and their bosses and you have yourself a bad time developing.

Once you cleared out the Cold Blooded associates, and there’s no more gunfire from other players, you can take down the boss. The only boss who’s really hard is the one in the snow biome, and that’s only because he chucks grenades and fires the explosive rifle.

The better way to crack the vaults is to land further away from the vault but close enough that you can get there in 20-30 seconds. For instance, if you’re trying to get the vault in the quarry, there’s a small castle to the northeast that usually has two to four large white chests. If you’re looking to load out the best you can, that’s the type of equipment you need.

Then, once your feel significantly loaded up, head to the vault. By the time you arrive, most players will have been eliminated and many, if not all of the guards will have been dealt with. All that remains is usually the boss or the player with the keycard.

There is a chance that you arrive too late to get the keycard, and the vault is already open but what good heist doesn’t have risks?

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