Some Fortnite content creators want to know what map had the best features?

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Which Fortnite map had the best, well, everything?

Fortnite is an ever-evolving game and because of that, things change rapidly and nostalgia hits hard. The game goes through changes nearly every week or so, and a whole new map at least once every 12-18 months. Things change and with it comes differing opinions.

Hypex, one of the more frequent Fortnite tweeters, found a question online somewhere and decided to post it for their followers to see. The question centers around the map and which of the four had the best map changes, live events, gameplay, and atmosphere.

The tweet below features the first, second, third, and fourth islands in order. The first island is labeled with the best map changes, the second is labeled with the best live events, the third had the best gameplay and the fourth had the best atmosphere.

Hypex asks the readers if they agree with the assessment, so, do we?

We don’t agree but we have a good reason

Personally, I did not start playing Fortnite until the end of 2021, when the second map was still in use. I haven’t gotten a chance to play any earlier and I have no baseline to go off of for personal involvement. I will say this, I’ve watched a lot of content about the earlier years and read a lot of reviews, so I would say I have a solid idea of things.

For live events, I hate on-rail games that you can’t lose, so modern live events are not my thing. And by live events, I’m assuming these are season or chapter-ending live events. I like the idea of logging in, watching a giant rocket take off, and being able to fight while watching it take off. So best live events go to chapter one.

The best map changes and best atmosphere would go to Chapter 3. Unveiling Tilted Towers in the snow and all of the changes via the war arc were great. Chapter 4’s map gets the best gameplay nod.

Sorry map #2.

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