Should all Fortnite weapons have Exotic-type abilities

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Fortnite has brought in five new Mythic Weapons and it’s making us ask questions.

Fortnite has brought in five new mythic weapons, dubbed the Heisted 5 by, well myself. The Heisted 5 are standard weapons with a built-in Reality Augment that gives the weapon a new twist. In this armory pool, you have two shotguns, an assault rifle, and two different types of SMGs.

Each weapon, even if they’re the same type, has different abilities. The Breacher Shotgun can destroy walls, trees, or cover in one shot, while the Accelerant Shotgun creates a rising tide of sorts, raising the shotgun’s fire and damage rate the more it’s used on enemies.

The SMGs are different variations of the same gimmick; movement. The Run ‘N’ Gun SMG allows you to endlessly sprint when it’s equipped, while the Blink Mag SMG allows you to have a Zero Point Dash effect each time you reload. Lastly, the Explosive Assault Rifle shoots explosive rounds.

With all of these perks, we have to ask, should this concept be permanent?


"Heisted Breacher Shotgun – Shoot your way out of a standoff! This Exotic Shotgun is perfect for destroying walls and cover.Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle – Aim down sights for a red hot impact — this Exotic Assault Rifle fires explosive projectiles.Heisted Accelerant Shotgun – Practice makes perfect. The movement speed and fire rate of this Exotic Shotgun increases as you damage enemies with it.Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG – Make a break for it! This Exotic SMG infuses you with Slap then self-reloads while you’re sprinting.Heisted Blink Mag SMG – They’ll blink and they’ll miss you. This Exotic SMG temporarily gives you the Zero Point Dash ability after reloading."

Fortnite should put built-in augments with all weapons

Fortnite thrives on the absurd, it’s what makes it so much fun to play. Giving players regular weapons never felt right, not with Fortnite. We want things like the Shockwave Hammer or the Ex-Caliber Rifle, not just standard pistols and the like.

So giving each of the weapons a built-in perk that gives the player a boast, or alters the weapon some how would be exactly what we’d expect from Fortnite. Fans have been loving the chaos in Chapter 4, Season 1 so far, so there is clearly evidence to suggest that a more obscure and wild armory is exactly what the fans want.

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