Do we miss the Dragon Ball mythics items now that they’ve been vaulted?

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Fortnite has said goodbye to Dragon Ball but are we missing the anime crossover already?

Fortnite brought back Dragon Ball for Chapter 4, Season 1, in tandem with the delayed and seemingly never-ending My Hero Academia crossover. With the return of Dragon Ball to Fortnite, fans got adult Gohan and his best buddy Piccolo in the Fortnite shop, while also getting to play with the Kamehameha Blast mythic weapon and the Nimbus Could mythic.

The Kamehameha Blast gave players several-second long blasts that they could be directed as needed. Using it would do massive amounts of damage when shot, and could one-shot an opponent if you were good enough.

The Nimbus Cloud wasn’t a weapon, so much as it was an escape device. Across the two chapters that it was used in, it came in quite handy as players used it to not only escape the Kamehameha blast, regular enemy fire but also the Deku Smash mythic.

For those unaware, the Deku Smash mythic is (was* depending on when you’re reading this) a mythic weapon that could one-shot an enemy with little effort. Unlike the Kamehameha which shot a prolonged beam that could injure an opponent if they remained in the beam too long, the Deku Smash would blow a player literally out of the game.

So since the Kamehameha and Nimbus have been removed, we have to ask, does anyone miss it?

We don’t miss Dragon Ball because My Hero Academia is still in Fortnite

It’s hard to say we miss the Dragon Ball crossover when the My Hero Academia crossover and mythic weapon is still in the game. The Deku Smash is a better mythic than the Kamehameha, so it’s hard to miss an inferior weapon.

That said, the Nimbus Cloud got us out of a lot of tight spots and while the Shockwave Hammer can do the same, it isn’t as effective as the Nimbus Cloud. So while we don’t miss the Kamehameha, we do miss the Nimbus.

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