Fans can now get Sam Wilson’s Captain America in Fortnite’s store

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Sam Wilson’s Captain America is now in Fortnite.

When Chris Evans retired as Captain America, he didn’t just retire from the films and television series, but he apparently retired from Fortnite as well. A new Captain America picked up the mantle in Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with this new Captain America getting not only his own Disney+ show but also a feature-length film.

So it seems like Fortnite wants to hop on the hype train, and brought in a Wilson-centric Cap. Right now in the Fortnite store, you can get this new version of the famous superhero and all of his Star Spangled accessories.

By purchasing Wilson’s Captain, you can get Cap’s Shield Back Bling and Pickaxe, as well as the EXO-7 Falcon Wings Glider.

Sam Wilson’s Captain America isn’t the only new character added to the item shop

BriteStar is yet another star-spangled outfit added to the item shop. She comes with her own shield/pickaxe item called the Brite Shield, and she also comes with two styles. This second style is called the Red Brite and Blue alt Style.

Brite Shield, which works as both a Back Bling and Pickaxe. Along with BriteStar’s default Style, the Outfit includes the Red Brite and Blue alt Style.

While not specified, due to the image containing a Marvel logo, this may be the early development of a new version of the Marvel-11418 character, Brightstar.

It’s not often that Fortnite gets to debut a character from another brand, so its very likely that’s not what’s happening here but on the off-chance it is, that would be some way to introduce a character.

Due to the obsession that Fortnite has with Marvel, expect the return of older outfits to the store sooner rather than later to match the debut of Wilson.

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