Which Reality Augment of the four released is best?

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Fortnite has added four new Reality Augments to the game.

Fortnite has added two new Reality Augments to the game after the last update, but only two are sticking around. That’s right, Fortnite has added even more Reality Augments for players to shift through. For fans of the concept, this is great news.

For those new to the game, Reality Augments are perks you can pick in any given competition. You can get four per game, and they reset with the start of each new contest. The game added this new wrinkle at the start of Chapter 4, Season 1 and while the concept has been a mixed bag at times, with some of the augments malfunctioning, causing them to be vaulted, the general gimmick has been well received.

So what are the four new Reality Augments? Well, according to Fortnite’s website, these are the four and perks they give players;

"Exotic Grab Bag – Receive a random Heisted Exotic weapon. (This Reality Augment will remain until downtime for v23.50.)Sniper Surplus – Your Sniper Rifles will have 1 extra ammo in their magazine. (This Reality Augment will remain until downtime for v23.50.)Keymaster – Grants two Keys for opening Holo-Chests. (Tip: During Fortnite Most Wanted, Exotic Holo-Chests contain a Heisted Exotic!)Last Shots – The last two bullets of your Pistols’ magazines deal bonus damage."

Keymaster and Last Shots will be sticking around through the end of the season at least, and maybe longer. We just don’t know what Season 2 will bring to the new Realty Augments.

What Reality Augment perk is the best of the four new ones?

The Reality Augments perks are among the more interesting but event specific we’ve seen. Each one makes the weapons we have for the season more interesting but they won’t really be as much fun once the event ends. For me, the best perk we got this time around is the Exotic Grab Bag, as the chance of getting some of these suped-up weapons is too good to pass up.

Even if the weapon itself isn’t great, the perk that comes with the weapon may be, and that should give everyone a reason to want to try these out.

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