The Most Wanted Quests will allow you to acquire free cosmetics, including a new outfit

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Fortnite fans can now collect free cosmetics by completing the Most Wanted Quests.

Fortnite has heard the fans and has given us some more free content to unlock, including a brand-new outfit. The biggest issue with Fortnite has been a lack of free outfits, at least a lack of easy-to-achieve free outfits. So seeing this new Cold Blooded Ace outfit.

All you have to do to unlock the outfit is complete the Most Wanted Quests that are now in the game. These aren’t exactly the easiest either, which I’m most excited about, as it raises the challenge dramatically, but they’re still making them possible for anyone to achieve.

Beyond the Cold Blooded Ace outfit, you can also unlock Cash Stash Back Bling, the Vault Guardian Pickaxe, two different wraps, a flag symbol, two tags, a double-bat pick axe, and a reactive back bling called the Solid Skull. The Solid Skull back bling can only be unlocked by collecting five Solid Skull Medallions in-game.

You can just skip the unlocking and purchase the whole thing for V-Bucks if you’re looking to skip the fun. If you’re not going to be lame and you want to work for your cosmetics, you will have five sets of quests that will allow you to earn enough “Infamy” to unlock everything and those are; “Intel & Recon,” “Going In Loud,” “Going In Quiet,” “Cracking the Vault,” and “Clean Getaway.”

When you complete most of the quests per set,  you will unlock the next one and a Cold-Blooded Medallion. The Cold Blooded Medallion can be further evolved by completing Solid Skull Quests upon obtaining it. You only have until the end of the season to finish all of this, however.

Even more free stuff awaits Fortnite fans

Fortnite fans can also unlock even more free stuff. You can unlock the GG Flamed Emoticon, Live to Ride Spray, Retro Rivals Wrap, and Clean Getaway Loading Screen. However, to do so, you have to unlock the most Cold Blooded Vaults possible.

"Level 1 Reward: Successfully complete Challenge registration to receive one (1) Fortnite “GG Flamed” cosmetic emoticon.Level 2 Reward: Invite a friend to participate in the Challenge by using the social sharefunctionalities on the Challenge Site to receive one (1) Fortnite “Live to Ride” cosmetic spray.Level 3 Reward: Crack a total of ten (10) “Cold Blooded” vaults in-game during the Challenge Period to receive one (1) Fortnite “Retro Rivals” animated wrap.Level 4 Reward: Remain a Participant for the duration of the Challenge Period to receive one (1) Fortnite “The Head is On” loading screen"

However, before doing this, you have to register and it appears the link to do so isn’t working. So check the official rules page (by clicking here) and follow the setup, so you can unlock these other items if you want.

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