Which of Fortnite’s 5 new exotic weapons is best with the perk included?

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Fortnite has brought in five new mythic weapons but which perk is the best of the five?

Fortnite has brought in five new mythic weapons for the Most Wanted event that is taking over Fortnite. It’s easily been one of the better events in the game’s recent history and it’s been a lot of fun to explore all the new content that came with it. Including these new mythic weapons.

Each of them is a turn on a standard weapon in the game already or formerly in the game. The big difference is that now each weapon has a perk that goes along with the weapon. It’s no longer about what weapon is better for a scenario but which perks give you the best edge.

That’s an incredibly unique and awesome way to shake the game up. Yet, which of the five weapons’ perks is the best? Let’s discuss.

"Heisted Breacher Shotgun – Shoot your way out of a standoff! This Exotic Shotgun is perfect for destroying walls and cover.Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle – Aim down sights for a red hot impact — this Exotic Assault Rifle fires explosive projectiles.Heisted Accelerant Shotgun – Practice makes perfect. The movement speed and fire rate of this Exotic Shotgun increases as you damage enemies with it.Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG – Make a break for it! This Exotic SMG infuses you with Slap then self-reloads while you’re sprinting.Heisted Blink Mag SMG – They’ll blink and they’ll miss you. This Exotic SMG temporarily gives you the Zero Point Dash ability after reloading."

Which of the five weapon perks is the best?

As you can see above, the five perks are instant construction destruction, explosive rounds, escalating damage, infinite sprinting, and Zero Point Dash. All five have unique traits and skills that make using them obviously, but one clearly stands out as the best for eliminating players and it’s my least favorite weapon; the Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle.

I hate using the Red Eye Rifle, but the mythic version of it makes it so much more useful. The explosive rounds make it so you don’t have to perfect with your accuracy and the damage increase is a welcomed sight.

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