Fortnite has added 5 new Exotic Weapons to the game but what are they?

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Fortnite has brought in five brand-new exotic weapon types.

Fortnite is in the midst of its brand new Most Wanted event, and not only are they giving away free cosmetics by simply achieving simple quests, but they’ve turned the armory on its head with the release of five new exotic weapons.

These five new weapons all have a perk attached to the weapon, which gives you unique abilities if you have it equipped or are using it. The five new weapons are the Heisted Breacher Shotgun, the Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle, the Heisted Accelerant Shotgun, the Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG, and the Heisted Blink Mag SMG.

But what makes these Heisted weapons so unique? Let’s find out.

What makes these new Fortnite exotics so powerful?

Each weapon has a unique flare to them, as tells us;

"Heisted Breacher Shotgun – Shoot your way out of a standoff! This Exotic Shotgun is perfect for destroying walls and cover.Heisted Explosive Assault Rifle – Aim down sights for a red hot impact — this Exotic Assault Rifle fires explosive projectiles.Heisted Accelerant Shotgun – Practice makes perfect. The movement speed and fire rate of this Exotic Shotgun increases as you damage enemies with it.Heisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG – Make a break for it! This Exotic SMG infuses you with Slap then self-reloads while you’re sprinting.Heisted Blink Mag SMG – They’ll blink and they’ll miss you. This Exotic SMG temporarily gives you the Zero Point Dash ability after reloading."

Each of these new weapons reshapes not only the gun they’re based on, but gives you a whole new way to play the game depending on which weapon you want to use in combat. They can only be found in one of four ways. The first is defeating the boss of the vault. Each of the three has one of these weapons. The other way is by unlocking the vaults themselves. There’s also a third way to get one via a specific brand of vending machines. The fourth is through a perk, that will give you a random mythic for free.

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