There seems to be an issue while obtaining Shockwave Hammers with the Falcon Drone

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Fortnite fans may have found a peculiar bug with the Falcon Drone and Shockwave Hammer.

Having a Shockwave Hammer is just necessary I feel like for the current season of Fortnite. To the point I want them to replace the Harvesting Tool and replace with it with a permanent Shockwave Hammer. It’s not just useful in bashing foes but it’s great for ducking out of a firefight you didn’t want to end up in.

That emergency traversal concept is truly the Shockwaves Hammer’s greatest gift, as ways to traverse the map are at a premium. It’s why the Falcon Drone has become so handy. Find a place to hide, and let the drone do all the work in perusing the area for items to find. Considering you can open up chests, and collect items without ever having to show your face, it’s become a fan-favorite way to avoid the action.

The only problem is, it doesn’t seem to pick up all things the same way.

The Shockwavey Hammer glitches when the Falcon Drone picks it up

This has happened twice now since the newest update, but when I try to use the Falcon Drone to open and pick up a Shockwave Hammer, things go buggy. It only happens when I open up one of the larger, those chests that are large, white, and contain either a Shockwave Hammer, Ex-Caliber Rifle, or the Guardian Shield.

But if the chat chest holds a Shockwave Hammer, and I try to pick up the Shockwave Hammer, it’ll glitch out and fall through the floor. I’ve seen this twice, where the hammer just disappears but I also saw the after-affects a third time, when the Hammer was sticking out of the ground.

All three times were at the same area; the outpost castle just east of the Citadel and just southwest of Breakaway Bay.

Maybe it’s the items, maybe it’s the location but heads up if you’re looking to loot with the Falcon Drone in the area, because you may lose what you’re looking for.

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