The First Person glitch in Fortnite did not give us a good feeling

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Fortnite had a first-person glitch that gave fans a glimpse at what it could look like and yikes.

Fortnite fans are excited about the first-person game mode coming at some point maybe this year. Or next, or never. It’s Fortnite and Epic Games, this concept may die a death before it actually releases or it could be nerfed days after its unveiling. Expect nothing, hope for even less, that’s the motto we live by when it comes to big changes in Fortnite.

Fortnite fans are hoping to get the first-person mode at some point, however. They’re so eager for this concept, that they’re even trying to find ways to hack the game, or exploit bugs, just so they can see what it’d be like to play in the mode sooner than anyone else.

And that’s just what happened with a bunch of players who found a way to exploit a bug and create their own first-person mode. It wasn’t official, and hopefully some aspects of the actual mode will get overhauled but if this is close to what Fortnite is delivering its fans, they should be worried.

First-Person view limits what you can see in Fortnite

The whole idea of First-Person is to really engage with the Virtual Reality aspect of gaming these days. It’s fine, if that’s the end game but first-person as a concept is one of the weaker ways to play a game. Especially in a game like Fortnite where the chaos never ends.

Playing a game in first-person severely limits what you can see and from the angles, you can see it. In a third-person view, you can rotate the camera, see where people are coming from, alter the angles to see better than you normally could, and allow you to better see where gunfire is coming from.

In a non-third-person view, you’re limited to only what’s in front of your character. There will be far less camera control. In Call of Duty, this works, in Fortnite, it really won’t. Especially if this glitch showed what it would look like for the most part.

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