Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 2 will apparently include a Throne Rome

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Fortnite appears to be hinting at a “Throne Rome” and it may not be a typo.

Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 1 map has been one of the best in the history of the game. The elements, the designs, and the different biomes. Everything slaps (but the ice biome, gross). But that doesn’t mean things can’t get even better in Season 2. Fortnite leakers are hinting at just that, with new rumors about the season 2 map hitting the internet.

The map may have its own Tilted Towers, while a new gym is supposedly set to open up, but one of the more peculiar rumors has to do with the map getting something called a “Throne Rome”. That’s the name of the point of interest (POI) in the files, and many believe it’s a typo.

With it having quests tied to it, that may seem to suggest it’s not a typo at all, in fact, there’s already a spot on the map that may hint at the fact that this is in fact something specific to Rome.

Uh, there’s already a Throne Room on the Fortnite Map

To have two locations with the same name seems a bit odd, but yes, there is in fact already a Throne Room on the map. It’s in the Citadel and it’s got its own challenge you have to complete to advance in the Battle Pass challenges to get the Witcher’s Geralt outfit.

Fans have to go to the Throne Room in the Citadel and do an emote, and doing so will unlock one of the items that the players need to get before properly advancing to unlock the outfit.

So it wouldn’t make sense to have a second throne room POI on the map unless the rumors that the Citadel transforms between seasons end up being true.

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