Fortnite is bringing in a new “Wanted System” but what is it and how could it work?

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Fortnite meets Grand Theft Auto in the new Chapter 4, Season 2 rumor.

The folks at Fortnite never stop when it comes to evolving the game. Especially since the start of Chapter 3. The amount of new mechanics and items that have flooded the game has been staggering and if you took an 18-month break from playing, you may not recognize the game you once played.

Things like sliding, climbing, and vaulting have all been added to the game, with other concepts like wall running possibly being on the table as well in the future. This doesn’t even touch on the concepts like the over-shield, Zero Build mode, or any number of other concepts introduced into the game over the last year or two.

Now, Fortnite developers have put into a new concept called “The Wanted System” expected to debut in Season 2 of Chapter 4, which starts in March. There’s not much that is known about this concept other than its another way to get fans to use their gold bars.

The wanted system could work in Fortnite but it could also be obnoxious

If this is another form of the Bounty System, this may not be as much as fans the folks at Epic Games and Fortnite are hoping. If this is more along the lines of Grand Theft Auto, where NPCs will hunt you if you misbehave and attack them, this may have more legs than most ideas. It’s one thing to make a mistake and has the non-playable characters of the map try to hunt you down. That’d be fine, and fun.

Yet, if players themselves can put a bounty on you, send NPCs after you, or in any way make the game unfair for you, then they need to put this concept to sleep immediately. It’s bad enough the game allows you to purchase NPCs to fight with you, despite it being against the rules to team up with other players in a Battle Royale but to further make it difficult to win against a single player who likes to exploit the game, that just seems like a bad idea.

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