Another 3 CAPCOM crossovers we want beyond Resident Evil and Street Fighter

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Fortnite has done some great work with CAPCOM’s Resident Evil and Street Fighter properties.

Fortnite and CAPCOM have done some great work with one another. While you’d like to see more themed points of interest (POIs) involving CAPCOM, like Ryu and Ken’s dojo, or the Racoon Police Department building, the cosmetics are great and that’s enough.

So we’d like to see more CAPCOM stuff in the game. I mean, if Naruto and Dragon Ball can get two crossovers each (as of right now), then why not give CAPCOM some more crossovers? Heck, maybe do an entire Battle Pass of CAPCOM characters.

That’d be fun. But, for now, anyway, we’d like to see a hold on Street Fighter and Resident Evil characters. Instead, let’s see what some of these other franchises can do.

Another three CAPCOM crossovers we want in Fortnite

Phoenix Wright

The larger-than-life lawyer is built for Fortnite, as he’s become an instant meme. Imagine using the Objection! gimmick as an emote, or, better yet, a mythic weapon you can attack enemies with. That type of nonsense is where this game thrives the most. The Phoenix Wright series may not be the most popular in the United States but considering the global appeal of Fortnite, that’s ok.

Dead Rising

Dead Rising may have peaked as a franchise, as the franchise was never more popular than with the first two installments, but fans still dig the gimmick. So why not bring in the first two protagonists into Fortnite as playable characters? They’re some of the more unique and popular characters from CAPCOM’s library and fans will surely be interested in picking them up from the shop.

Dark Stalkers

I have an affinity for Dark Stalkers which leads me to include them. Their flamboyant designs and over-the-top characters are exactly what Fortnite needs more of. So bring in the monsters from Dark Stalkers for a Fortnitemares event and watch them get bought up in the game’s store.

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