The perfect meme to sum up Fortnite’s Chapter 4, Season 1 does exist

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Fortnite has made the season very meme-worthy.

Fortnite has made this one heck of a season. The gaming giant launched Chapter 4, Season 1 to close out 2022. The game introduced a new, medieval-themed map, alongside a brand new villain, a younger snapshot of the big bad Geno, dubbed The Ageless Champion, and has brought in a whole slew of new weapons and the like.

Among those new weapons are the Shockwave Hammer and the Deku Smash mythic. The Shockwave Hammer is a really good weapon that allows pretty quick traversal across the floor with three hops, with a 20-second reload time per. It used to be four hops on a 15-second interval but the game devs hate fun.

The Deku Mythic came in with the My Hero Academia crossover and sees players be able to one-hit most enemies with the mythic weapon. It was disabled a few weeks ago and was recently brought back as a make-good to the fandom.

The problem that has arrived is that players are combining them, giving people serious nightmare fuel. This was something that Fort Intel on Twitter was able to capture in the perfect meme.

The meme captures the energy perfectly

I love both weapons, but I have to tell you, that most, if not all players can relate to the above meme. The meme for those new or unaware features Rick Grimes from the third season of the Walking Dead, mourning as the sound of the Shockwave Hammer can be heard in the distance, before transitioning to the sound the Deku Smash makes upon using it.

The Rick Grimes meme on its own is an old classic, which saw life for the first time about a decade ago, as the character finds out that his wife died during childbirth and his son had to be there to witness it. This led to some really funny memes

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