Fornite’s NPCs can now travel in vehicles with you, making them even more OP

Epic Games, chrome
Epic Games, chrome /

Fortnite’s non-playable characters were bad enough but now they got even worse.

Fortnite is an odd game. If you’re playing in a traditional Battle Royale match, where it’s 100 players against one another, there are certain rules you must abide by. One big one is that you can’t team up with another player. That’s frowned upon. There are team modes you can get into that partner you with one, two, or three other people but you can’t team up with someone in a standard Battle Royale match.

It’s considered cheating, and people would be right to point that out. Yet, if you’re in one of those types of games, you can in fact hire a non-playable character (NPC) to fight alongside you. Not only that, but you can get a wolf as well to help you out. This makes it very easy to scam the game and get some cheap wins. After all, not everyone wants to waste gold bars on things like hiring NPCs.

It’s a pretty cheap way to win. The saving grace, however, was that they couldn’t ride with you in anything. They had to run after you, and that meant they stood a chance of getting caught in the storm.

Well, that’s now changed.

Fortnite made NPCs even more overpowered

Fortnite has made those pesky nonplayable characters even worse by making it possible for them to get into vehicles with you and on the dirtbikes. No longer will you leave them behind, now they’ll ride with you.

This makes them even more overpowered than before. Having to fight one person is bad enough, but two sucks. It’s nearly impossible unless you get really fancy by using a Shockwave Hammer, a portable bunker, or a shield and trying to split them up.

That double-dose of fire power gives a clear advantage to one player, and now knowing they can travel with the players is just one more reason to want this concept banned. AFter all, if you can’t partner up with a real player in these modes, why is it ok to do so with an NPC?

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