Where are all the Fortnite NPCs for Chapter 4, Season 1

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Where are the Fortnite NPCs for Chapter 4, Season 1?

We are halfway through the first season of Chapter 4, which means time is running to complete a variety of quests, as well as explore the island as it currently is. Which means looking for and finding the NPCs.

Fortnite keeps track of all the non-playable characters (NPCs) you interact with and one of the things fans like to do each and every season is to find the NPCs and check them off the list. They change usually with the start of a new season, and sometimes some older ones can be taken out or moved during new seasons.

So it’s best to find them as they come and not wait until the end of the Chapter to run around and find them all.

Where are the NPCs for Chapter 4, Season 1?

First, let’s talk about the NPCs you can hire to help ruin someone’s good time. First is Aura, which can be found in Crude Harbor. Not only can you hire her but she sells Chug Splashes. The next one up is the Frozen Red Knight in Brutal Bastion. They also sell players Firefly Jars.  Raptorian the Brave is at Plesant Passage, and sells players the Primal Flame Bow, while Helsie is at Hidden Henge and sells players a Thunder Shotgun. Joni the Red is at Faulty Splits on the urban side of things and sells a Red-Eye Assault Rifle, while Diamond Diva is at the Meadow Mansion and sells a Maven Auto Shotgun.

Now, what about the NPCs with the best exotic items? We have Evie at Shore Shack, and she’s selling the Shadow Tracker, plus she can create rifts for players.  Frozen Fishstickis all about th healing items, and sells not only a Shield Keg but Chili Chug Splash, and he can be found at Icy Islets. Then there’s Princess Felicity Fish at the Western Watchtower by the Citadel, and she sells the Grappler Bow, plus you can tip the bus driver when you meet her. Surrs Burger is at Anvil Square and sells The Dub as well as Prop Disguses. Finally, there’s Wild Card at Royal Ruion, who sells the Unstable Bow and an Ex-Caliber Rifle.

If you need healing items, Neymar Jr. sells slap Juice and a patch-up at Slappy shores, while at Frenzy Fields you can find Sunflower, who sells the Chug Cannon and impulse grenades.

Lastly, for the heavy weaponry, we start with Snowheart at the Cold Cavern. They sell a Primal Stink Bow and you can purchase a Storm Forecast from them. Scrapknight Jules is at Faulty Splits on the medieval section and she sells a Rocket Launcher and a Launch Pad. Lastly, if you need a Shockwave Hammer, find the Omega Knight at Secduled Spire. He also sells a Port-A-Bunker if you’re in need.

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