That time Fortnite and Universal teamed up for an epic mini-movie

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Flashback to when Fortnite released a mini-movie hyping up a Universal Monsters crossover.

Fornite can come up with some unique ideas from time to time that really cater to a whole host of new fans. As an older player, I quite adore the Universal Monsters for many reasons, namely my love of Halloween and for a while their service as the holiday’s mascots. Then of course there’s the iconic The Mummy from 1999, a reboot of a classic concept.

Yet, in 2021, Fortnite partnered up with Universal to release a new set of outfits under the We Will Be Monsters banner. The mini-movie would see The Bride of Frankenstein, a female mummy, Dracula, a werewolf and The Monster himself team up and fight back against a mysterious force that seems to be related to the Cubes of Chapter 2.

At the end of a very well-made cinematic, the five jump into the Fortnite island, with the idea that all five would be available for fans to get their hands on. Yet, of the five characters introduced, only The Bride actually showed up. Fans still got the Monsters and the Mummy, just not the ones that fans saw in the mini-movie.

The mini-movie hyped up the characters, and Van Helsing’s character, but none of them showed up but one. Leaving a disappointing taste in our mouths and making us wonder what the point of it all was.

Was this the beginning of Fortnite’s inability to deliver fully?

When Fortnite puts this amount of time and money to hype up six new outfits (Bride, Monster, Dracula, Werewolf, Mummy, Van Helsing), and only delivers one, that should show you just how bonkers this staff can be at times.

Two of the characters did show up in the Monster and the Mummy but they were the classic editions of the outfits and while the classic Monster is still dope, it wasn’t what fans were promised.

It just goes to remind you that you can get all hyped up for Fortnite events and promises, but even two years ago they were letting fans down.

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