Should Fortnite continue to send out surveys that ruin upcoming cosmetics?

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Should Fortnite end the survey emails?

Fortnite is a game for fans, and it’s shaped and sculpted by fans. That’s part of the fun of the game is that you know, a lot of the time, that Fortnite and Epic Games will try and do right by the player base. That means they’ll often adjust the game to fit the wants and demands of the fandom, like nerfing the Shockwave Hammer a bit.

They’ll design new games around popular trends, as well as promote fan-made games for all to see on social media and the like. They’ll give out rewards, prizes, money, and the whole shebang. They live and die by fans and what they want. It’s a smart business practice.

Yet, they do one thing that has split the fandom to some degree. Every so often the dev team will email a select group of fans a survey that highlights and shows unique outfits. These outfits aren’t really ever given a name or a hint as to who and what they are, they’re just outfits that fans are asked to pick from and tell the developers which ones they like the most.

Yet, most of the time, these outfits end up in the Battle Pass, and many Fortnite players are left feeling like the surprise was taken from them due to these surveys.

So, it has to be asked, is it time to end the surveys?

Fortnite should end the surveys but not for the reason you think…

Curbing the surveys is a good idea, but not because of the spoiling of the Battle Passes. No, those aren’t outfits that fans really care about. Those passes get bought for the big names attached to them, so who cares if some random E-character or anime wannabe gets spoiled months in advance?

No, they should stop doing the survey’s because they’re limited in their scope, resulting in fewer fans having a say and because it’s kind of bush league. No one else needs to have their fans check their homework for them. Just pull your pants up, and have some confidence you can do your job.

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