3 reasons Fortnite events have fallen off in recent years

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3 reasons why events in Fortnite have fallen off in recent years.

Fortnite made a name for itself with its live events over the years, from the rocket launch to the meter, and the arrival of the cubes. Fans loved watching these major events unfold in real-time. Yet, over the years, the game has moved away from these major-in-game events that happen during games and has become more mini-game fests that don’t actually have any bearing on the game whatsoever.

This has caused fans to really take a sour turn toward the live events in recent seasons. The tipping point came during the Fracture live event, which was nothing more than mini-fetch quests that didn’t impact the game to any degree.

It was basically a long, boring movie, that didn’t advance any plot or answer any questions about the game’s lore. To say it was a disappointment would be an understatement. So why have these events become boring and unfun to play?

Three reasons the Fortnite live events have fallen off

No stakes

The fact that most of the live events put you in a situation you can’t lose or win in some instances, doesn’t make them fun to play. Fracture was bad enough, but The Devourer of Worlds (Chapter 2, Season 3), The End (Chapter 2 finale), and Collision (Chapter 3, Season 2) all had you do the same thing; fight the bad guys with no real chance of losing. There are no stakes and when there are no stakes it gets incredibly boring.

Long, boring, interactive movies

It’s one thing to give fans a cinematic to watch, that’d be fine. Not fun, but it’s acceptable. No, that’s not what we get, however. Instead, we get long, boring, unskippable interactive movies with mini-games sprinkled in to let us know we’re supposed to be having fun. Either give us real stakes or give us a movie, don’t split the difference.

Storylines don’t get resolved

There are so many storylines that exist in Fortnite and it feels like none of them get resolved, or get resolved in the game. You have to watch or read outside content to find out what happens at times, and when something does get explained in-game, there’s always the chance that it gets retconned later on to incorporate a major name. Why bother playing story-driven events if the story isn’t being driven anywhere?

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