What bugs did Fornite fix in their latest update V23.20

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Fortnite has fixed a bunch of bugs in the last update but what were they?

Fortnite has been hitting its players with lots of issues this year, despite an overall fun experience. The players have really enjoyed the Shockwave Hammer, the new dirtbike, the My Hero Academia crossover (while it lasted the first time), and the new map.

Yet, one thing that the game was plagued with this time around was a whole host of game-shattering bugs. Some of which we didn’t even know the details about, like why the Deku Smash was vaulted halfway through the My Hero Academia crossover.

We know why some things happened, like the Shockwave Hammer getting disabled due to an infinite bounce glitch that only seemed to affect PC users. But for the most part, we were left in the dark.

We still are, but Fortnite at least updated what they fixed in their latest patch update.

"Major Bug FixesFixed the issue that caused us to disable the Deku Smash in Battle Royale/Zero Build. TheDeku Smash has been re-enabled in Battle Royale/Zero Build.Fixed issues related to mantling in which players would sometimes be flung across the map.Fixed an issue in which, in some instances, sprinting would be disabled for the duration of a match.Reality Augments can again be unlocked from teammates.Players can again damage objects with their Pickaxe consistently.Players are now able to select Reality Augments while on a Dirt Bike.Players can now use the Guardian Shield while on the back of an OG Bear pick-up truck or a Dirt Bike."

The inability to sprint may have been the worst glitch this season

So many times when I’d start a match, I would find I couldn’t sprint. This was maddening, especially since it didn’t seem to happen universally. Shockingly enough, even though it was a huge game-breaking glitch, I still won a few bouts despite this. But I won’t miss it whatsoever.

It’s also nice of Fortnite to finish out the My Hero Academia crossover a month later by letting players once again use the Deku Smash to infuriate one another. That was really nice of them.

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