The Big Bush Bomb may finally make the Snow Biome tolerable

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The Big Bush Bomb is coming to Fortnite and it may make the Snow Biome tolerable.

I despise the Snow Biome on the current Fortnite map. This isn’t a usual thing for me, as I loved the snow portions of the Chapter 3 map, especially during the Winter Fest, yet I find the mountains boring to traverse and the iced-over lakes and rivers a nuisance to deal with. It’s boring to look at and even more boring to compete in.

Plus, it completely makes the Bush Warrior perk useless. When the folks at Fortnite finally bring in the Big Bush Bomb on Jan. 24, fans of Fortnite can finally throw down a bush in the middle of the snow and use the Bush Warrior perk in the middle of the worst biome on the map.

Granted, one of the best parts of the bushes on the other two biomes is the fact that they blend in and you can not only heal up but hide as well. That won’t be possible in the snow. Everyone’s going to notice the greenery of the bush, making it not as advantageous.

There’s another reason the Big Bush Bomb will suck to use in the snow

If you’re like me, you like using the Bush Warrior perk because it allows you to carry fewer health items. Usually, I just rock three shield potions and use the Bush Warrior perk to heal everything else. I do this to maximize the number of inventory slots I have for weapons and items.

So this brings up a major issue; if you use the Bush Warrior perk, and you carry a Big Bush Bomb into the snow biome, you’re likely still using two item slots to carry health items then. The first being the shield, the second being the bush bomb.

It’s one thing if someone has already thrown a bush down, or if you’re looting, find a bomb and throw it down right there to use, but I like traversing the island with a plan. You can’t expect to find any type of weapon or health, so you have to carry what you can when you can.

So heading into the Snow Biome, I’d likely have my health items already with me. So, having one less item slot due to needing to carry the bush bomb and the shield potions isn’t ideal. It’s not a deal breaker, it’s just not the helping hand it could’ve been.

Especially in a season when there are so many unique and cool items worth using. This is when I wish Fortnite would have an extra slot or two designated for health items only. Five slots just aren’t enough.

Or, and this is more reasonable, make it so that the snowballs you can make and jump into action the same as the bushes in the other portions of the map.

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