What are the new Reality Augment perks that just got released?

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Fortnite has brought in new Reality Augments, but what are they?

Fortnite has upped the Reality Augment count by another five with the latest v23.30 update to the game. For those who are new to the game and aren’t sure what Reality Augments are, they’re new perks for Chapter 4, Season 1 that allow players to get a sort of upgrade for the match.

Players who last long enough can amass four per game, which range anything from automatically reloading certain weapons while sprinting, regaining health by hiding in a bush, and leaping higher than normal.

Now, Fortnite has introduced another five new Reality Augments to the game for fans to use, and they all seem to be heavily themed around health. So what are they?

All five new Reality Augments in Fortnite after the update

Peely’s Plunder

With this one, Peely gives you a treasure map that you can lead for some better-than-average loot. It’s not the best but it may give you something fun to do mid-game.

Shotgun Striker

While this one is temporarily vaulted as of press, the Shotgun Striker allows you to regain health by using a shotgun. Whatever damage you deal is supposedly given back to your health bar.

Rarity Check

Using lower-tier weapons comes in handy here, as you can siphon health from opponents by using common and uncommon weapon types.

Zero Chance

If you break an opponent’s shield, you can temporarily gain the Zero Point dash ability for a few seconds. I don’t think you get a double shot by breaking the overshield and the player-shield.

Danger Hero

If you are in combat and your shield breaks, you’ll be able to regenerate some health and move faster while you try to outrun opposing players.

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