The new Reality Augment perks are not that good and bog down an already overly saturated mechanic

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Fortnite brought in five new Reality Augments and they’re not great.

Fortnite really did a great thing by introducing Reality Augments into the game. Sincerely. Many of them are really good. Most of them are garbage, however. So imagine our excitement when we found out that the game was bringing five more into the game. We were hyped. Then we saw what they were.

We lost that hype really fast. There are a lot of the Reality Augments that just straight-up suck. They serve no real purpose and the fact that they’re usually the ones that pop up first is no coincidence. I mean, who really wants to reload a shotgun while running? We want the Armory perk, dang it.

So not all of them are good, and the new ones aren’t much better. Peely’s Plunder gives you a treasure map that gifts you two Legendary class weapons, as well as some other items. That’s great but if you don’t like what you got?

Shotgun Striker and Rarity Check both siphon health from opponents while you attack, but only with specific weapons or weapon types. Zero Chance gives you the Zero Point dash ability but only for a few seconds and only after you break the opposing player’s shield in combat. Lastly is the Danger Hero, which allows you to regenerate health while you run if your shield breaks.

These Reality Augments are just reasons to waste gold

There’s really no other explanation, but to assume some of these are in the game simply to get you to waste your gold bars faster. Who wants the Zero Point dash that only works for a handful of seconds, while you’re fighting? There’s a really good chance that you will be fighting one opponent for 10 or so seconds after you break their shield. So what good is it?

If it was something you could use whenever that’s a different story. It’s not. Fortnite could come up with some more augments that improve the game, or better yet, just remove some of the ones we don’t like, but they won’t.

Instead, we’ll all be stuck getting Rushing Reload every third loop.

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