The Rift Warden is finally here and he has a plan players should know about

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The Rift Warden is here in Fortnite and his plan has now been revealed.

The Rift Warden has been a major character behind the scenes during Chapter 4, Season 1. In one of the towers near the Citadel, a bridge device, capable of creating rifts, is being constructed. Most likely at the hands of the Rift Warden.

We didn’t know anything about the Warden, other than he likes to create rifts and he’s serving alongside (or under) The Ageless Champion. The Ageless Champion is a snapshot of a much younger Geno, the main villain of the game.

This means that the Warden may not be the villain we thought he was, because we’re not sure if the Ageless Champion is a villain. Yet, what we do know is what the Rift Warden looks like. He has similar silver and white armor to the Ageless Champion, along with very similar cosmetics.

Both characters also have a version of their character with a helmet on, thus linking the two characters together even more through their armor’s designs. So now that we know what Stellan looks like, what is the purpose of the character to the overall arc of the season?

What are Rift Warden Stellan’s plans in Fortnite?

Stellan may be the main villain of the season, at least if the worry about his plans comes to fruition. The character is building a rift gate that will likely allow him to travel anywhere and everywhere.

Apparently, Stellan wants to build a rift portal but not just to have one. But apparently, the Rift Warden wants to not only visit every reality he can, but he also wants to seemingly take them over. If that’s the case then he may run afoul with the Ageless Champion, and that could be a wild thing to see playout.

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