3 things Fortnite needs to do to improve the Falcon Scout

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The new Falcon Scout is here but it needs some improvements to make it worth it.

Fortnite introduced the new Falcon Scout device for Chapter 4, Season 1 and the device is already making waves. It’s a mechanic bird that players can control to scout ahead of their location. Doing so, you can tag opposing players, find enemy encampments, and bring loot back to your position.

While it sounds good on paper, the limited range, the need to hide while you’re using it, and the overall time limitations that the device has made it rather ineffective unless you’re playing with a two or three-person squad.

So to optimize the experience for single players, there are three things the device needs to do.

Three things the Falcon Scout needs to improve upon

Longer range

Improving the range on the Falcon Scout is a must. You can only go so far before losing the signal. If there’s no place to hunker down and hide while using the scout, it becomes completely useless as it can’t attack or defend you. You can’t even run it into players to cause damage. So a longer range is necessary.

Mark players for longer

If you’re by yourself in a single-player Battle Royale, you’ll likely get no real use out of the marking mechanic, as it only lasts for a few seconds. So if you’re looking to get the drop on an opposing player, you’d have better luck with the Storm Mark mechanic.

Improve carrying mechanic

Right now, the Falcon Scout can go to chests, open them, and carry the loot back to you. That’s great, except the way it picks things up isn’t. You have to hit the corresponding button for all of the loot repeatedly but doing so may drop everything. If it’s scattered, you’ll end up having to pick up and drop things repeatedly to get it all. This takes too much time. Holding down the button instead, and allowing the device to work as a tractor beam for loot would work far easier and would quicken the rate of departure.

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