What can Fortnite fans expect from the new Falcon Scout

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Fortnite has brought in the Falcon Scout but what can it do?

Fortnite has brought in its newest whacky item, the Falcon Scout, a brand-new scouting item that players can use in a variety of ways. It’s already changing the way some players take to the game but if you’re looking at using it for single-player Battle Royales, it won’t bring you the same value. This is differently an item that is bested used in team battle setups.

It’s an item most people should try out though, as it fits the theme of the season very well. It very much meshes well with the Shockwave Hammer, the Ex-Caliber Rifle, and the new Guardian Shield. The four items are very much in line with one another and are items that give players like us hope that we’re going to get more unique items in the loot pool each season, as opposed to generic, real-world, weapons.

That said, what can you expect from the Falcon Scout?

What does the Falcon Scout provide for players?

The first thing you should know about the Falcon Scout is that it serves as a recon drone that can mark opposing players. When using it, you leave yourself defenseless, so you’ll either have to be behind some teammates or hidden away to use it. Its range isn’t great either, so you’ll have to be pretty close to the action. And while it does mark enemies, it doesn’t last very long, mere seconds, so you’ll have to act fast.

If you’re using it in team matches, you can use the scout to carry downed players back to your location. The range isn’t great, as previously mentioned, so you’ll likely want to keep everyone closes together to avoid issues.

Lastly, if you’re a team player or a single player, you’ll be able to use the scout to loot nearby chests as you keep yourself out of sight of enemies. Just keep in mind that others can watch the drone carry the loot to you, so you’ll likely want to do this very covertly.

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