Rift Warden is coming to Fortnite as a purchasable outfit

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Fortnite is apparently bringing the Rift Warden to the game this season.

Fortnite has long been hinting at the arrival of the Rift Warden in Chapter 4, Season 1, though you may not have noticed. The unknown character is presumably an ally of The Ageless Champion and has been constructing a portal of sorts on one of the defense towers near the Citadel (just northwest of the castle).

The character may be responsible for all the rift portals popping up in the game, though that’s just speculation. When you talk to players in the game, there seems to be a very specific tone when the Rift Warden is mentioned, and it seems like the character may be a villain, and could be the one who corrupts The Ageless Champion, turning him into the Geno we’ve heard so much about.

We’ve long heard of the rumors that he’ll be coming to the game eventually but some data miners have found files in the game that not only reveal the Rift Warden will be coming to the game soon but will be a purchasable character as well.

The Rift Warden could be revealed to Fortnite players in one week

The Rift Warden could be coming to Fortnite in a week’s time, which is also when the next big update is expected to drop. Assuming the update is still planned for next week, then that should give players a reasonable look at when to expect this new character.

He’ll be in the item shop for fans to purchase but we don’t know what else to expect from him/her. Will there be a new cutscene, or will he be a boss fight? Will all the information be in test dialogues via the NPCs?

We have no idea.

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