How do you unlock the midseason bonus rewards for the Battle Pass

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How do you unlock the midseason bonus rewards for Fortnite’s Battle Pass?

Fortnite’s Battle Pass has technically three layers. The first is the base Battle Pass, which has 14 pages of content you can earn throughout the season just by leveling up, earning Battle Stars, and cashing them in for cosmetics and outfits.

The midseason drops are a bit different. There are five styles, and the only thing you need to do to unlock them is to earn 10 new levels to earn each outfit. They release once a week, and when you unlock one, you automatically start working towards the next one.

That’s not how the bonus rewards work, however. The base Battle Pass has 100 rewards across 14 pages, and the midseason has five costume variants. The Bonus Rewards, however, have 30, across six pages, and have 18 variant outfits for all of the Battle Pass characters.

While you can start unlocking the midseason drops as soon as they’re available, the bonus rewards have to be completed more along the lines of the base Battle Pass. You have to purchase the first four items on every page before you can get access to the new costume variant.

That’s done through the first three pages, and then by Page 4, every item you can unlock is a new outfit. Though, the four other outfits on the page have to be unlocked before obtaining the last cosmetic variant.

What can you expect in the bonus rewards?

Helsie has four variants; Club President, Elysian, Aeon, and Halycon. Dusty, has four as well, with the Bullpen Brawler variant and then her Elysian, Aeon, and Halycon outfits. Selene, the Ageless Champion (young Geno), and Massai, only have Elysian, Aeon, and Halycon variant outfits available.

While Doom Guy/Doom Slayer, only has one variant, the Phobos Armor, an ember color variant of his armor. There are also two emotes, two gliders, three pickaxes, one banner, one back bling, one new music file, one new spray, and one new wrap as well.

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