Did you get ban from playing Fortnite recently but don’t know why? We may have the answer

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Fortnite has a tendency to ban players for doing shady things.

Careful Fortnite fans, if you’re misbehaving, the folks at Fortnite and Epic Games have no problem banning you from the service. This isn’t new, the devs have been doing this for years for a variety of reasons, but mostly for taking advantage of glitches or issues that give players an advantage.

The most recent, according to iFireMonkey, is the dev team issuing bans for players who exploited a Slap Berry exploit in some unreleased LTMs. Essentially, players would gather the berries, and stockpile them and in turn, climb the levels all the way to 1,000, where the game tops out at.

According to Fortnite News, the players used bots on Discord to favorite unreleased modes;

"The banned players used a Discord bot to favourite unreleased limited time modes (LTMs) so that they could be accessed and played. The XP element of this exploit came in the form of Slap Berries, which could be “gathered” an infinite amount of times whilst inside the unreleased LTM. Each time players gathered a berry, it would grant 1,200 XP to their account. On average, players earned 12 Levels per 8 minute match."

They may not be alone, however, as the recent Shockwave Hammer glitch may also have people getting timed out for their behavior.

Fortnite is inconsistent with their bans

Usually, players get banned for exploiting the leveling system or scamming V-bucks, but sometimes exploiting an in-game glitch can lead to bans as well. So if you were someone who was abusing the Shockwave Hammer glitch on PC, you may be finding yourself getting timed out for a few days as well.

Through a glitch, that resulted in the hammer being temporarily vaulted, you could infinitely spam the hammer’s hop mechanic. While there is no word on anyone being suspended yet for this, there’s a good chance you could be.

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