All 3 of the major updates to Fortnite for Chapter 4 have been vaulted at some point

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Fortnite was supposed to bring its best efforts into Chapter 4, Season 1 but glitches have been the keyword this season.

Fortnite arrived in Chapter 4, Season 1 with a whole host of new stuff for fans to get their hands on but none bigger than the new parkour dash mechanic which allows you to get over small objects just by running up to them, the new Deku Smash mythic weapon and the Shockwave Hammer.

Despite the success of each of these items, all three have been vaulted at some point in Chapter 4, Season 1. The parkour dash mechanic was removed but the reason for this was vague, with no one really knowing why. The same was done for the Deku Smash mythic, which came into the game thanks to the My Hero Academia crossover.

The Shockwave Hammer was vaulted to fix a glitch that players on PC were exploiting. While all three were vaulted, the parkour mechanic and Shockwave Hammer have already been readded and work just fine.

The Deku Smash mythic may never return.

Could we ever see the Deku Smash mythic in Fortnite?

The Fortnite and My Hero Academia crossover busted pretty hard considering that once the mythic was removed, the entire crossover felt hollow. So it’s kinda sad that they removed it from the game when the staffers were on break, meaning that it was never going to be re-added during the crossover event.

It was scheduled to leave after the event ended anyway, so players only got it for a few days, as opposed to the couple of weeks we were promised. Will the weapon ever come back? Not unless there is a follow-up to the My Hero Academia crossover.

This is surely possible, so the weapon could one day return but you’re looking at a hefty wait in the meantime.

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