Have players returned to Fortnite for Chapter 4 and its many events?

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Fortnite fans have given Chapter 4 a fair chance.

If you’re a pro wrestling fan, you may either talk about television ratings or can’t comprehend why anyone would care. It’s usually a sign of how that specific property is doing, or how they’re being promoted. It’s not an indication of quality but of how fans are reacting to it.

That’s the same thing with player counts and this game, either you’re innately interested to see how players are responding to Fortnite, or you can’t understand why anyone would care. That’s ok, I get it, but I for one find it fascinating to see what is bringing in players and what is turning players away.

For instance, No Sweat Summer and Vibin were so disastrous for Fortnite in the summer, with their failed concepts and nerfed releases, that the game lost 13 million players from June to August. It would’ve been more but the Dragon Ball crossover brought back over 2 million players.

But then the fall arrived and capped off by what many believe was a disappointing Fortnitemares, another 3 million fans checked out. The game still has over 250 million players, so it’s not like we’re about to go under as a franchise here. It’s just interesting to see what trends work and what don’t.

Chapter 4? It worked.

Fans return to Fortnite for Chapter 4

Now, it’s not like fans came back in the dozens of millions, no. But Fortnite drew back 1.5 million players over the month of December. This isn’t surprising, as Fortnite launched a new chapter, a new island, a crossover with My Hero Academia, and the Winterfest giveaway.

So there was a lot going on, but the game has failed to deliver multiple times and honestly, 1.5 million for all Fortnite was offering in Season 1 of the current chapter seems like a low number

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