3 things you need to do to pull off a Reality Augments only victory in Fortnite

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What is the best way to pull off a Reality Augments-only victory in Fortnite?

Pulling off a Reality Augment victory in Fortnite is super difficult. We’ve already talked about the four degrees of difficulty that you can apply to the challenge as you see fit. The first level is a bit more forgiving with it escalating in difficulting to the fourth level, which is unforgiving.

It’s hard. It’s very hard. You’re not able to use any weapons but what the Reality Augments have given you, and in most of the levels, you can’t use healing items you don’t forage for. It’s hard but doable.

It doesn’t matter what difficulty you’re doing it, there are universal rules to achieving a Victory Royale while doing an Augments Only run. While I’m sure we can go through a few dozen, we’re only going to tell you the three most important ones.

What are the three most important things to do during a Reality Augments-only run in Fortnite?

1. Patience

In order to pull off a Reality Augments-only run, you need to be patient. That means riding the back of the circle as the storm closes in. You don’t want to rush into a fight. Being able to be patient, and hiding while the game goes on around you isn’t for everyone but as you’ll likely just be dealing with two bows as your primary offensive output, patience is the most important thing.

2. Timing

Beyond patience, you need proper timing. You’re going to need to engage eventually, and if you can pick off a guy or two near the end of the game without anyone noticing, then you should. But be careful. Wait for your shot. Watch. Don’t just get excited and start ripping off shots and blowing your cover. Use your Shockwave Bow as well when the circle gets small enough. Launching guys into the storm will help, especially if they get trapped behind a cliff or ridge and they’re forced to run around to find a way out of the storm.

3. Luck

Getting lucky with your roles is important, you’ll only have so much gold and the Armory perk that gives you the two best guns in the game are rare, and I believe only gets issued once per match to one player. Thought that was speculation.

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