Fortnite should penalize players who hire NPCs to win matches

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Fortnite should stop allowing players to legally cheat.

Fortnite has made it clear that if you team up with another player in a Battle Royale or Zero Build solo competition, you’ll both be kicked out and banned for some time from playing. After all, it’s a free-for-all, you shouldn’t be able to team up with players to win the game.

Yet, Fortnite allows you to hire NPCs (non-playable characters) for just a few pieces of gold, and it’s completely legal. Now you can team up on players and spam your way to a win. It’s no different than teaming up with another player, but it’s allowed.

It shouldn’t be. You should be on your own in a Battle Royale match, that’s the whole point. Survival of the fittest. Putting in the ability to gimmick your way to a win is cheap. But if the developers won’t stop allowing it, can they at least not incentivize it?

Fortnite should do what it can to stop people from using NPCs

Fortnite won’t remove the ability to purchase the skills of NPCs in the game and I’m not sure why. But, instead of allowing these players to cheese the game and eliminate players who are clearly better than them, why not just find a way to limit the people who want to purchase wins?

Let these players cheat their way to wins, but instead of awarding them a Battle Royale victory towards their career numbers, remove a win instead. If a player wins a Battle Royale contest with a hired NPC, remove a victory from their career total.

So if they have 231 wins, and they hire an NPC and win, they would see they only have 230 wins. If you know you’re win total and profile score will lose standing with each cheap win, it’ll deter many people from doing this.

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