The COBRA is the perfect replacement for snipers in Season 4

Epic Games DMR cobra
Epic Games DMR cobra /

Fortnite fans should use the COBRA if they’re missing out on snipers.

Fortnite made the bold decision for chapter 4 to remove every sniper rifle they had. They’re all gone. In their place is the original COBRA rifle, and six different bows. Those are the new long-range weapons in each game, and if you’re not a fan of the bows, the COBRA rifle is exactly what you need if you have a sniper craving.

This rifle gives you all the same benefits as a sniper, with it’s scope and long-distance attacks, but it also gives you something a sniper doesn’t; quickness. A sniper takes forever in between shots, and to just re-load.

The COBRA doesn’t have the issue of being slow. You won’t get a one-hit elimination with a COBRA like you would a sniper, but you can fire off five or six straight shots in a row in rapid succession.

That is more than enough to eliminate a player. So there really isn’t much of a reason to fret on not having a sniper.

There’s only one rifle to prefer over the COBRA in Fortnite.

I love the COBRA. It’s one of my usual suspects when I load out. But there’s one that’s in the vault I’d trade for every time, especially in the current season and that’s the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle.

This doozy of a rifle is the perfect weapon for a season where the fall and winter biomes have allowed players to hide in plane sight. Getting something like the thermal scope rifle would allow you to see heat signatures from a distance and may even be able to penetrate the bushes.

That would be a huge game changer if you could see enemies in bushes from a distance.

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