How much is too much with movement changes in Fortnite?

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Fortnite is apparently planning on adding more movements to the game.

Fans of Fortnite may not realize that just a year ago, things like sprinting, sliding, climbing, and the like were distant ideas fans had no idea would ever exist. Now, they’re staples of the game, designed to make Zero Build as exciting as the original Battle Royale mode.

And it worked, I have played a handful of traditional Battle Royale modes since the implementation of the new mechanics and the Zero Build concept. Yet, with the game constantly getting updated and new ideas being implemented, what becomes “enough” for the dev team?

There are already a few concepts that have yet to be implemented, like the Wall Running feature, although I swear I saw it briefly at the start of the Chapter. If and when it comes to the game in earnest, will it further advance the game’s meta into a better area, or will it cause the game to be almost unplayable?

Fortnite should only add so many movements to the game.

Fortnite adding new features isn’t always a good thing. The rideable animals were a pain to deal with until everyone just started using them as attack pets instead. That’s still obnoxious, by the way, but that’s a different article for a different day.

Fortnite has to be mindful of the changes they make and don’t make. Zero Build still needs help with escaping from people who sneak up on you. In the regular mode, you can just build walls to block bullets and run away. But in Zero Build, you need more. The Shockwave Hammer is a good start but the game needs more.

I’m not sure more movements are what it needs, however. It needs more items like the Shockwave Hammer instead.

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