Fortnite should avoid releasing rideable flying animals into the game

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Fortnite has long been rumored to be introducing rideable animals into the game but that should be a hard pass.

Fortnite has a habit of fixing what’s not broken. Sometimes the ideas work, and sometimes they don’t. All the time, however, they change the game forever. Being smart about what to add to the game and what not to add has got to be priority number one.

If you introduce a concept that fans like and take it away, you’ll anger the player base. introduce a concept that most people hate, and then get rid of it, fans will remember the time you screwed with their meta.

The concept of riding flying animals is great on paper, but most of the weapons and the such don’t work great when trying to take down players with the Party Time Reality Augment or the Shockwave Hammer. How do you think it’s going to be when you put them in the air for long periods of time?

Fans will have a conniption.

Riding flying animals would break Fortnite

There’s a reason why things like the chopper and planes don’t get unvaulted that often. Fans loathe those. Many fans don’t like the non-conventional stuff. Things like the B.R.U.T.E. (rest in peace, sweet prince), and the tank were not very welcomed by many players (though I loved them), and if you add flying animals that players can use to avoid combat, all it does is incentivize everyone to use them.

That breaks the game, not too dissimilarly from the current Shockwave Hammer.  The goal of Fortnite should be to offer up various ways to play the game, without overpowering specific things. When that happens, the uniqueness of how to play the game goes out the window.

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