Fortnite can’t keep trolling players by not delivering on promises

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Fortnite toes the line between trolling and foreshadowing far too often.

Fortnite has developed a rotten reputation with players for being unreliable. It goes beyond the failed live events or the summer and winter themes that end up coming up short. No, we’re talking about how they have developed a reputation for hinting at future events, foreshadowing if you will, and getting players’ hopes up for a crossover they’ve been waiting for. Or new items, new weapons, what have you.

Only for those things that they hinted at, to never come to the game. Now, maybe the item was broken or the crossover didn’t happen due to lawyers getting in the way, but a lot of the time it just feels like cruel jokes the dev team plays on their fanbase.

Why else would these things keep happening? Why would we get skateparks but no skateboards? Why would they release a video where we’re promised a Family Guy crossover but not Family Guy?

Is it incompetence and they can’t deliver on these easter eggs? Or is it that they just like watching fans freak out when they think something major is coming, but ultimately don’t?

If Fortnite isn’t trolling players on purpose, maybe it’s time to stop hinting at future events

I want to believe that Fortnite isn’t intentionally trying to rile players up for their own amusement, so I think a lot of these cancellations are more due to lawyers and legal issues getting in the way. if that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to stop doing hints until the contracts are set, that way fans no longer have to get their hopes up waiting for something that is no longer coming.

It would go a long way to settle angry customers down.

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