Could the Citadel be getting an upgrade over the course of Fortnite Chapter 4?

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The Citadel had different plans originally, so could we be seeing a different Citadel throughout Chapter 4?

The Citadel is the feature piece of the new Chapter 4 map. It’s not in the middle of the map itself, but is more featured centrally to the “fall biome”. Or, as I’m calling it, Midevil Times. It’s a pretty grand structure, built atop a very high cliff and overlooking a village, several guard outposts, and a waterfall.

It’s pretty awesome as is, but concept art, as well as some loading screen art, depicts the Citadel as a more futuristic version of itself than we ended up getting in the game. It’s very possible the loading screen art is from an old description and that changes were made during the production fo the game.

It’s also possible that the artists’ renderings of the Citadel aren’t depicting the current version of the structure but a more futuristic version. The Citadel may be set to change over time. Though that’s just speculation at this juncture

Expect the Citadel to change over time

As with every chapter and season in Fortnite, there is going to be change. What that change is, and how it’ll affect the map is anyone’s guess. Does that mean the Citadel will change? Not necessarily but if past events are anything to go off of, then yes, it’ll certainly change to some degree.

But will it look all futuristic as we saw in the concept art and the loading screens? That remains to be seen, but with the game’s storyline hinting at portals and possible new realities or time periods being merged into the map as things advance, then it’s a good possibility we see the original Citadel in its glory.

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