Watch: By Post finds out what happens when Geno fights his Oathbound war

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Fortnite’s new Oathabound faction has created a lot of intrigues.

For the longest time, the fans of Fortnite have watched the Imagined Order and The Seven engage in a war across time and space for the soul of the island. Since the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, that was for the most part over. Yet after involvement from the Last Reality and The Herald, things are different now.

An island, made up of remnants from the past, has once again launched that same war but from a different perspective. The IO is gone, and in is the Oathbound. The Seven is gone, and in are the Reality Warriors. We know the Oathbound are the progenitors of the IO but are the Reality Warriors the previous version of the Seven?

We’re not sure, but we do know the Frozen Red Knight is an ally, if not a member of, the Reality Warriors. We also know that the Omega Knight is no fan of the Oathbound or their leader the Ageless Champion, aka young Geno. Nor is Snowheart for that matter.

Yet, Geno is the ruler of the island for now, and one YouTuber by the name of By Posts wondered what would happen if the Frozen Red Knight and two of Geno’s very own crew members; Raptorian The Brave and Helsie fought Geno together.

The NPC Battle went as you’d expect

Sadly for those hoping Geno/The Ageless Champion, would wreck the three NPCs, that was not the case. As the Frozen Knight attacked first, Geno concentrated on her until she was defeated but the combined might of all three other NPCs was too much for Geno and ate away at his health too much, so even though Geno made it 2 v. 1 before long, the other two were able to finish off the Ageless Champion.

It was a pretty interesting thing to see and watching it all unfold in the new playback feature was a nice little touch.

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