3 more Bruce Campbell characters we want to see in Fortnite in 2023

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Bruce Campbell was a huge hit for Fortnite in October and here are three other characters we hope we get from the icon.

Fortnite brought in the perfect monster hunter this past Fortnitemares in Ash Williams, the main character of the original Evil Dead trilogy. His arrival brought the man who played Ash Williams, the legendary Bruce Campbell, to Fortnite for the first time ever.

Campbell is an icon to many. He’s the master of campy projects and deserves all the love and respect he can muster. His turn as Ash in the Evil Dead film series and subsequent television show has made millions of fans but it’s not the only show or film project of his to appeal to fans.

Campbell is known for many great roles, most of which have smaller, underground followings but all of them have enough of a fanbase to warrant some type of inclusion in Fortnite. So we’re hoping the game will give us some more versions of Campbell in future seasons.

Three more Bruce Campbell characters we want in Fortnite

Elvis Presley from Bubba Ho-Tep

Campbell once played an older, out-of-shape Elvis Presley who fought an ancient mummy called Bubba Ho-Tep. It’s campy fun and features Campbell’s spot-on Presley impersonation. His look would really stand out and may be a top-selling character outfit next Halloween.

Sam Axe from Burn Notice

When USA Network was good, Burn Notice was at the top of the charts, so to speak. The show was a spy-thriller that featured Campbell as a burned-out, ex-Navy Seal in Sam Axe. He’s defined by his penchant for slacks and floral shirts. Definitely unique enough for a summer event.

Briscoe County Jr. from the Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.

Finally, a classic from the glory days of television. Fox aired a western show featuring Campbell called the Adventures of Briscoe County and it was a very well-received show but didn’t have the audience to sustain more seasons. Fortnite is primed for a western-themed season eventually and why not this iconic cult character?

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