Who is the new Fortnite boss The Ageless Champion and what’s the best way to beat him?

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Fortnite has a new boss, and it’s The Ageless Champion, also known as Geno.

The Ageless Champion is the new main man on the island. He can be found in The Citadel near the western portion of the island, around the fall/medieval biome. He’s a snapshot of the game’s main villain, Geno, and is one of the coolest-looking villains in the game.

Even though Geno broke apart into bits in the comic, this snapshot of the character is here and ready to fight. He comes with a Shockwave Hammer and his own version of the Ex-Caliber Rifle. When he’s defeated, he drops both, and his Ex-Caliber rifle is a mythic item, so it does 75 damage.

He’s one of the better-designed villains the game has had in recent years, but honestly, he’s not that powerful. Granted, we all just got done dealing with Darth Vader, so it’s desensitized us from what is and isn’t hard anymore.

How do you defeat The Ageless Champion?

When you meet the Ageless Champion, he’ll be in his throne room of sorts in the center of The Citadel. When you meet him, be prepared, he’s not easy. You’re going to want a good rifle, preferably the Red-Eye Assault Rifle, as well as a Shockwave Hammer and the new Tactical Pistol.

When you meet him, don’t hesitate, use your Shockwave Hammer to knock him out of his castle and into the open air. The more space you have, the better. Don’t be stingy on the hammer usage either, as it’ll send him flying, damage him and keep space between you. Space is your friend.

Use your Red-Eye Assault Rifle to get as many shots at his head as possible (or just get damage on him) and alternate between that and your Tactical Pistol. Use the hammer to keep your distance while you reload.

Repeat until he’s been defeated.

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