The 5 Reality Augments we recommend every Fortnite player uses

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Fortnite has introduced new Reality Augments and these are the ones we’d recommend.

Fortnite made the bold move to bring in the Reality Augments into the game and they were a bit hard to get used to at first, but now, they make the game so much more interesting. Granted, some are obviously better than others and you’re not going to get a chance to get the really good ones all that often but they’re a fun new toy to play around with.

Players get four per game, and players can choose between two different ones every new storm circle. If neither option is one the player likes, they can get two new options for free. If you’re still not happy, you can pay few gold bars and get new options. You could conceivably do this as often as you want as long as you have the gold bars to do so.

As we mentioned, however, not all augmentations are created equal and we would recommend these five.

What five Reality Augments do we recommend

Bush Warrior

"– You regenerate health and partial shields while inside large foliage."

The Bush Warrior perk regenerates you to all the way to 100 health and 50 shield. This is a great perk to have especially if you’re not in the winter biome.

Chug Gunner

"– Receive a Chug Cannon."

If you get the chance to get Bush Warrior and the Chug Gunner perks, you’re made. You’ll be able to quickly heal at any time, as long as you’re in a biome that has foliage.


"– You can always see the next storm circle."

The storm is your worst enemy in Fortnite and knowing where you have to go to stay away from it is a great thing. Plus, you can set up traps for incoming players.

Soaring Sprints

"– While sprinting, you’ll be able to jump much higher—and jump with lower gravity."

If you don’t want to use the Shockwave Hammer, you’re silly and you should not be that person, but you’ll need a way to get away from other players, and the Soaring Sprints mechanic does just that, though it burdens you with only being able to use the super-jump when you have stamina.

Tactical Armory

"– Grants a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun."

The Tactical AR is the best rifle in the game. Obviously, you get this perk if it’s offered.

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