Ranking all of the exclusive anime Fortnite characters over the seasons

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Fortnite has its own unique anime characters that fans have seen.

Fortnite has had a lot of unique and original characters but few have been as dynamic and impressive as Fortnite’s original lineup of “anime” characters. Technically, these are cel-shaded characters, but most of them are done in an anime style.

None of these are technically anime characters, however, as they belong to no franchise. There’s no anime that features these characters, there’s also no manga either. They’re Fortnite originals.

It’d be great to see Fortnite build an actual anime around these characters, so here’s hoping that becomes a reality.

Until that happens, all we can do is rank them based on their design, and that’s what we’re going to do. Just a head’s up, however, there will be no actual anime crossover characters on this list. There have been crossovers with Naruto and Dragon Ball but they’re not being covered on this list right now.

How do we rank all 15 original Fortnite anime characters?

15. Remi

Remi is a duel-outfit, with a regular look and a demon look and they both remind me of the brother from Wedding Crashers.

14. Grizz

Technically only the bear portion is cel-shaded but we’re counting both and both kinda suck.

13. Lexa

A very boring and unoriginal design. It’s one of the earliest, so that may have been why.

12. Belle Berry

The outfit is great but the color tone of it isn’t great. I would’ve made it more bright pink, and not so washed out.

11. Ricochet Rox

This is an anime version of Rox, and…neither design is unique or stands out from others. It’s not bad, just unimpressive.

10. Zoe Clash

Just like some of the others, Zoe Clash is a fine outfit, she just doesn’t pop off the page.

9. Yuki

The long coat and headphones give Yuki a unique look, and that’s what we’re talking about as far as standing out among the rest of the options.

8. Lennox Rose

Lennox Rose is a recent battle pass pick and has a unique leg set-up going, with her right leg being decked out with accessories, and the left being plane and unbothered, setting up a nice contrast.

7. Ready Penny

The shape of Ready Penny gives her a unique look all on her own, but add on the wannabe-bomber-jacket and you really found a nice way to make her stand out.

6. Nezumi

A Chapter 4 Battle Pass option, Nezumi stands out with his high-collar jacket item, and his blue hair. His alternative looks are fine but his base look is what we’re really impressed by.

5. Megumi

Megumi captures the anime idea of firm but fem. She’s intense but embraces her femininity at the same time. Think Mikasa from Attack on Titan but with more makeup.

4. Chigusa

If there was a J-Pop group that existed in the Resident Evil franchise and battled zombies through dancing and singing, that group would look like Chigusa.

3. Golden Gear Midas

An anime take on the Fortnite villain Midas, and it’s a great look, but because he’s already been established as a non-anime character, we’re going with a different number one.

2. Erisa

She’s a cat-girl princess. That’s maybe the most anime thing ever. Almost.

1. Reina

She’s a one-eyed, reindeer, girl. That’s it.

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