Ranking all the new weapons and items that players can use in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

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Fortnite has brought in a load of new weapons for Chapter 4.

Fortnite Chapter 4 has brought fans a whole new lineup of weapons for the most current season. Chapter 4, Season 1 is being defined by these new weapons, for better or worse. Gone are a list of staples that have been around for seasons, and in their place are some of the most unique weapons of all time.

Yet, we need to rank them, so fans know what they’re up against and what to expect. As some of these are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And that’s the exciting part.

We’re ranking these weapons based on not only how effective they are to use, but also how obnoxious they are to have them used against you.

Ranking the new weapons in Fortnite

11. Thunder Shotgun &10. Maven Auto Shotgun

The range on these shotguns is obnoxious. If you get into a shootout with a guy with a rifle, there goes your health and shield. Then they switch to one of these two shotguns and boom, you’re done. The range is impossible to deal with, and you have no real chance of getting away from them if you need to retreat.

9. Ex-Caliber Rifle

The Ex-Caliber Rifle is pretty impressive, simply because it’s a rifle that shoots a sword. That’s obnoxious and amazing, coupled with the fact the sword explodes after it impacts. The only problem it’s slow, not very accurate, and isn’t great in a shootout.

8. Sky Jelly

These Sky Jellies can propel you in the air and gives you a tiny health recovery. They’re a nifty item if you need a last grasp, but otherwise, they’re not worth seeking out.

7. Red-Eye Assualt Rifle

Very accurate, very slow.

6. Slap Juice

It only restores 15 health/shields, but you can use them while moving and they give you infinite stamina for a short time.

5. Trail Thrasher

The new dirt bike is pretty solid once you’re in motion, but the problem comes with the small turns needed when you’re standing still. It’s not a machine with great dexterity, but it can get you out of a pinch if you need it.

4. Slap Berry

Like the Slap Juice, but only restores five health/shield but you can carry quite a bit, and you can usually find them in bunches of 12 or 16.

3. Twin Mag SMG

The Twin Mag SMG is a bit overplayed. It’s a weapon that hypes up a fast reload time due to the two mags on the SMG. Maybe if you stack things with the augments it’ll be more useful but as it is, that isn’t a selling point. The selling point is it’s accurate from mid-range and has a high volume of bullets.

2. Tactical Pistol

If you like accurate, fast fire, weapons with a punch, the tactical pistol is for you. It’s great if you have a different primary weapon like a rifle, as you can do a quick change and really unload on guys.

1. Shockwave Hammer

The Shockwave Hammer might be the best weapon in the game currently and maybe of all time. You can propel yourself with the weapon up to four times in a row before it has to reload. Then you have an unlimited amount of melee strikes. The only gripe is that once you hit a player, they’re protected when they launch and land. It’d be better if they were more like the Impulse Grenades, where the opposing players aren’t protected and incur fall damage.

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