Fortnite introduces the Grapple Glider to the game after latest update

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Fortnite has bright in the Grapple Glider but is it useful?

Fortnite has introduced the Grapple Glider, a brand-new item that allows you to slink away in a middle of a fight that you’re not doing well in. It works just like other grapple objects, where you point the target area at where you’re wanting to go, push the button, and away you go.

The object propels you in the air where you’re then able to use your glider to get away. It’s a pretty nifty item in theory and allows you to have an escape plan if needed.

Here’s what Fortnite had to say about it;

"An enemy coming right at you? Or even worse, an enemy coming right at you while they’re in an Octane? Make a swift getaway with the Grapple Glider — pull yourself into the air by aiming at a hard surface, then deploy your Glider to land in safe territory.You can find Grapple Gliders from the ground, Chests, Chrome Chests, and Supply Drops. They have limited charges, so it’s not a bad idea to save your Grapple Glider for emergencies!"

The Grapple Glider isn’t the best item to get away from the action, however.

Put the Grapple Glider away and pick up Shockwave Grenades

The Grapple Glider is a good item, in theory. If you’re stuck up on a tree, for instance, you just look down, aim, fire and you’ll get launched into the air safely so you can glide down to the ground. Outside of that, you’re just a sitting duck. Should you come across a player with a scope and a good controller you’re going get eliminated should you get caught with just a Grapple Glider to escape.

With the Shockwave Grenades, you can get away from your opponents faster and with less chance of them hitting you. Just aim down, throw it near your feat, pass over it so it’s behind you and jump right before it explodes. You’ll be sent soaring through the air.

Now, when rideable animals come in, the Grapple Glider may have more to offer the average player.

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