Fortnite should give out one new free outfit per season

Epic Games, battle pass
Epic Games, battle pass /

Fortnite is one of the most profitable games ever and can afford to award players more often.

It seems rather silly that after all this time, and all these years, that Fortnite is still not really giving fans what they want. Free cosmetics. Sure, most of Fortnite’s profit model is based around the idea of selling cosmetics to players, so giving them away constantly wouldn’t be good business. That doesn’t mean that they can’t do it every so often.

To their credit they do. Some good ones too, the only problem is that they don’t just give them away. No, they make players do obscure nonsense, like using a brand new service that Epic Games is partnering with and having no idea what you’re actually signing up for, having players get X-amount of friends to make an account for Fortnite, having players spend even more hours on games that Epic owns like Fall Guys and Rocket League so that players can unlock even more stuff.

Fortnite does give players free stuff quite often, but the amount of hoops or loopholes you have to exploit to get there is absurd. If Fortnite never gave away anything, this wouldn’t be an issue. We saw during Winter Fest last year that they have no problem giving away free cosmetics.

Considering how successful the game is, Fortnite should do more for its player base.

Fortnite should give fans new cosmetics once a season at least

Allowing players to get new cosmetics every once in a while is not the worst idea. It boosts morale, shows players that the company cares about them and it allows people to adopt a sort of pseudo-identity within the game via their avatar.

The idea would be that once a season (preferably once a month), Fortnite could offer up a random opportunity to get a few outfits. You pick, you get, you own. You could also do other releases, this time by having players achieve feats, accomplish quests, and the like.

Considering everyone usually gets at least one outfit from the store at some point, why not? It gives the player base a shot of dopamine and helps players stick around. After all, if we’re being rewarded simply for having fun, why would we stop playing?

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