Where are all the floating locations after the Fortnitemares update

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Fortnite has several floating POIs that have changed locations for the Fortnitemares event.

The update for Chapter 3, Season 4 brought in the concept of floating POIs, and they have been a huge hit. Different buildings are floating around the map, and are changing locations every few weeks. For starters, the No Sweat Insurance was at Chrome Crossroads to start the new season but now isn’t.

Thus making the location not nearly as desirable for a landing spot.

The game has shuffled a few different locations around, one of which that I can’t seem to find is the floating Lighthouse that was previously at Shiny Sound. That location seems to be missing, but there are new floating platforms to explore. Mostly ones with runways.

If you know where the lighthouse has gone, let us know and we’ll try and provide an update to the location.

Where are the new locations for the floating POIs?

Pirate Ship Greasy Grove

The Pirate Ship replaced the Daily Bugle building and was out in the desert near Rocky Reels. It was a great location but now the ship has moved a bit northwest of its previous location to Greasy Grove, which is closer to the Reality Tree.

Blimp Tilted Towers

The blimps were big in Chapter 3, Seasons 1 and 2, but not so much after. That was until the folks at the Rave Cave rebuilt one. First, it was near the new Haunted spot near Grim Gables but now it’s near where the old No Sweat Insurance building at Tilted Towers was.

No Sweat in Shiny Sound

Speaking of No Sweat Insurance, the building was originally at Tilted Towers, until the chrome invaded and caused it to be elevated. Then the building popped up at Chrome Crossroads and was affixed behind the houses on the western side of the city. Now it’s on the eastern part of Shiny Sound, seemingly replacing the lighthouse.

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